The Colonies Crossroads Shopping Center

UPLAND >> Southern California continues to draw new restaurants, and Colonies Crossroads has been at the forefront at bringing new dining options to the Inland Empire. 

Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing, and California Fish Grill are just two of the many restaurants at the Upland shopping center, built by Colonies Partners. The developers also built a massive residential complex within walking distance. 

Built off the 210 Freeway, the project is one of the largest shopping centers in San Bernardino County’s West End. Since opening a decade ago, the 1 million-square-foot “power center” is continuing to increase its retail and restaurant offerings, with 230,000 square feet of retail space added in 2013, as economic investment began moving again after the Great Recession had stopped construction. T

Stores such as Nordstrom Rack, Toys R Us, Target, Kohl’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods now populate Colonies Crossroads. It even recently welcomed back Albertsons.

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