Children's hope And Jeff Burum

Children’s Hope started in 1990 with the mission to give children who have been abused, neglected and rejected a therapeutic home where they can be safe, loved and treated so that they can heal and thrive.  Jeff Burum has been a huge part in supporting that mission.

Jeff Burum, Colonies, Colonies Partners, Children's Hope, Inland Empire, Charity, foster kids, foster childrenHere’s one example: Children’s Hope purchased a permanent home in 2000, but after several years, the house was in need of some major repairs, including air-conditioning, flooring, cement work and a new roof.  Money was tight. Our operating funds were strictly directed toward the boys, leaving little to make these much needed repairs.  A friend of Children’s Hope had a brilliant idea. Knowing Jeff’s generosity, he suggested that we pitch Jeff with an “extreme make-over” idea and hopefully get the much needed repair and upgrades.

We arranged a meeting with Jeff, and I could tell that soon after hearing our story of our boys he was on board.  He looked at my long list of items that needed repair and upgraded. I was hoping he could take care of any of them.  A new roof would be awesome, or if that was too much maybe new air-conditioning or new carpeting.

Jeff looked up after a few seconds and said, “We will take care of it.” I admit I was confused at first: Was he talking about the roof? Air-conditioning? Maybe the carpet? Then he clarified, “I’ll take care of the whole list.”

I teared up. Jeff immediately understood how important that was for these kids and that they deserved a nice place to live.

From that day until today, Jeff has been an important part of our program by supporting our mission.  Another gift has been the annual Colonies Holiday Miracles, which has allowed our boys to have an unforgettable experience every holiday season by giving them a memorable shopping experience.  Years after some of them have left, our boys talk about Colonies Miracles as one of their favorite memories while at Children’s Hope.

by Michael Sudyka, president of Children’s Hope

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